A Game Changer in Delinquency Management

Collecting rent is critical - and is getting harder. As the economy changes, residents may have to decide which bills get paid each month. Team members are busy and don't enjoy the tasks associated with delinquency management.

Buzz Smart Assistant improves delinquency management metrics with a consistent process - every single time. 

Specifically designed by industry professionals, Buzz Smart Assistant collects rent faster than your property managers and leasing consultants.

Our Collections Tool Kit allows your team helps your team make better decisions and take action faster. 

A first-of-it's-kind, fully-automated rent collection team member. Buzz is operational 24x7x365.

Buzz Smart Assistant learns and treats residents as individuals, allowing your team to concentrate on other high-value tasks.

No Long-Term Commitment. Cancel Anytime.


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Leasing Agents and Property Managers are not great Collection Agents.

Rent collection has slowed with court mandates. NOI has decreased in 2021 for the first time in a decade.
Employees are searching for better pay and less stress. Pre-pandemic turnover was 2022 - 70%. 
Fully leasing the property is just the start. Buzz Smart Assistant ensures rent is collected - faster in the cycle.

Properties that implemented the Buzz Smart Assistant save on filing eviction fees -
usually $300 - $500 each - and reduced evictions that can cost $5,000 to $10,000 each.

The Buzz Collections Tool Kit

These five tools in the Buzz Dashboard can help you work with more focus on fewer residents.

These five tools in the Buzz Dashboard will call out specific residents that need your attention and action allowing you to focus on fewer residents. 

Have a property with delinquency or personnel issues?
Buzz will transform your business.


Improve Metrics

Improve Delinquency Management Metrics - collect more rent, faster. Properties using Buzz Smart Assistant see a 10-30% improvement in collections in 1st month of implementation.


Improve Costs

Reduce labor costs and save your team hours of busy work - dramatically cheaper than your current approach. See a reduction of 10 hours per week in time spend on rent collection.


Improve Team

Improve team morale by reducing the work they hate and keeping them focused on high-value activities. Property managers and leasing agents don't have time to be great at rent collection. If they did, they would be neglecting other important tasks.


More Than a Drip Campaign. Buzz Delivers Results.  

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Buzz Smart Assistant at Work

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Inbound & Outbound activities can be customized by location, market segment, and for chronic late payers.

Text and Voicemail Examples

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Voicemail Drop Example 1


Voicemail Drop Example 2


Spanish Example

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Done Better Than Your Current Approach


Done Consistently

Nothing gets in the way of Buzz collecting rent. Each task within the delinquency management workflow is completed - regardless of interruptions, scheduling conflicts, or lack of desire.


Done Efficiently

With Buzz managing your deliquency management, rent collection will happen faster without adding teams members, or taking time away from high-value activities.


Done Intelligently

Over time, Buzz can learn and adjust based on resident behaviors. You can also customize the branding/messaging and add/subtract steps based on your unique property.

Set Up In Minutes. No Long-Term Commitment. Industry Leading Results.


Need clarification?

Are Smart Automations easy to set up?

Yes! You can use tested preset Automations for collecting rent,  or create custom approaches for your unique property. Buzz can learn and run from basic reports that are available in your property management system. 

Do I need to train my team?

It is always a good idea to keep your team informed about any changes in process, or things that affect performance. While Buzz Smart Assistant does run in the background while your team operates like normal, there may want to take advantage of the Buzz Collections Tool Kit within the dashboard in order to maximize results. 

Buzz is a welcome addition that eliminates busywork and will improve the metrics and the NOI of the property. Your team can focus on high value tasks and let Buzz do the busywork.

Can I add additional properties later?

Yes! You can always add additional properties or units. Start with FREE and see how easy it is to start getting the benefits of Buzz!

How long is my commitment?

With Buzz Smart Assistant there are no long-term commitments. If we don't deliver results, canceling is easy.