Buzz Smart Assistant is your rent collection specialist. 

  • Collect more rent - faster in the month
  • Keep team focus on high-value activities
  • Set up in minutes
  • Free trial, no long-term commitment, cancel anytime

Recession-Proof Your Multi-Family Rentals

The economy constantly changes, and preparing for a potential recession is essential. If you own a multi-family rental property, you can do a few...

Buzz is Bilingual

Can your rent collection solution accommodate a growing population of Spanish speakers in the US. Buzz Smart Assistant is bilingual.

Buzz Smart Assistant Dashboard Overview

Buzz Smart Assistant has a comprehensive dashboard. This unique tool offers an overview and insights into the state of collections at your...

Buzz Smart Assistant is your rent collection specialist.

A first-of-its-kind, fully-automated rent collection team member. Buzz is operational 24x7x365. Buzz learns and treats residents as individuals, allowing your team to concentrate on other high-value tasks.